Download Housefires – How To Start A Housefire Album

Artist Name: Housefires

Album Name: How To Start A Housefire Album

Year Recorded: 2023

Country: America

Category: Albums

Tracklist: 9 Tracks

“How to Start a Housefire” is the latest release from Housefires, a dynamic gospel music ensemble. This album is packed with energetic and inspiring tracks that are guaranteed to ignite a passion for worship within you. Featuring upbeat rhythms, memorable melodies, and deeply meaningful lyrics, “How to Start a Housefire” is a must-have for gospel music enthusiasts.

Each song is carefully crafted to deepen your connection with God’s love and grace. Whether you’re singing along at church, cruising in your car, or simply seeking a reminder of God’s presence in your life, this album will uplift and encourage you on your faith journey. So strike the match, start a housefire, and let the songs on “How to Start a Housefire” set your soul ablaze!

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TRACKLIST: Housefires – How To Start A Housefire

1Praise Him
2I’m Not Going Anywhere
3Keep My Eyes Up
4Don’t Get Me Started
5I Have Decided (Banner)
6If I Could Have Anything
7Only Jesus
9Lean on the Lord